Wholesale Healthier Burrito (12 Bags/Box)
Wholesale Healthier Burrito (12 Bags/Box)
Wholesale Healthier Burrito (12 Bags/Box)Wholesale Healthier Burrito (12 Bags/Box)

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Wholesale Healthier Burrito (12 Bags/Box)

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Fulfillment Details

Made and fulfilled from San Fernando, California.

Happiness Guaranteed

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Constant Innovation

We are working nonstop to create keto products to delight our customers.

Shipped Fresh & Delicious

We ship the freshest tortillas to our customers, and are committed to the highest quality.

How long is the shelf life?

Our products last 1 year frozen, 120 days dry shelf.

Where are they made?

In our production facility in San Fernando, CA.

How do you calculate the net carbs?

6g Total Carbs – 4g Dietary Fiber = 2 Net Carbs

Keto Made Easy

1 Net Carb Per Tortilla, Perfect Portion Control, Delicious Taste, Low-Carb Upgrade for your Mexican Food.

Keto Made Easy
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"I am so happy that I can still enjoy my tacos while adapting to my healthier lifestyle. These tortillas have been my lifesaver. I can't imagine life without them."

Joanna, @ketohousewife

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Here's why Mr. Tortilla is the best tortilla in the world.